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Clint finally proposed on November 1, 2022! For months and months, I told Clint I was moving forward with the wedding planning, and he could either be in the wedding or not...I told him I didn't care. Clint and I took a vacation to Disney in November because we usually travel to celebrate Halloween somewhere, since October is our favorite month. Then on November first, we went to Animal Kingdom for the day, came back to the airbnb after we got food and we were supposed to go shopping... but Clint fell asleep.


Once he woke up, he went into the kitchen to warm up his ribs and I went to take a shower. I reheated my burger and we were sitting on the bed in the airbnb. As Clint was eating the ribs, he kept talking about the dresser drawers in the room. "There's so much space in them". I truly did not care and don't know why he was pointing them out, so ignored him. Then he said "open yours up and see if yours has a lot of space" I opened mine up and it was sitting in it's little blue box, all sparkly and I was shocked. He then asked me to marry him and put my ring on with sticky bbq ribs fingers. What a love story I know.

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