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Wedding Details


My dress came from Brides by Glitz in Nashville, TN. Mina had her own dress made as well as a leash, to this day Clint will never know what I spent on the princess to have that made for her.

My dress fitting was probably the quickest anyone has ever had. I saw my dress online and immediately knew it was the one, I called ahead and asked them to put that dress to the side so it would be ready when I got there. My mom and grandmother came to Nashville to see the dress in person, oh and my aunt was on Facetime. Once we got it on, everyone knew it was the one. I didn't even try on not a single other dress, we added some details, got it fitted in the right places and I said yes to the dress in under 15 minutes!

The Location

My grandfather passed in 2017, about a month after I met Clint. Before he passed he bought land in Echols County Georgia where he spent all his time fixing the land. Clint visited the land and we both thought what better way to honor him than to have the wedding on the land? It's the perfect setting for a country wedding, and it's sentimental to me and my family. 

The Cake

Our cake is a 6 tiered cake to represent 6 years together and will showcase 4 different flavors: Red Velvet, Key Lime, Strawberry, and Italian. We love variety and wanted it within our cake! - please note that Clint's favorite was Strawberry so we have it in the cake twice :)

Our wedding cake designer is: Chandra Brown, owner of C's Sweet Treats N' Things


Being on the road and an ever-changing schedule leaves Clint and I barely any space to plan accordingly

But we have the best of friends who helped us coordinate a bachelor/ette party in our favorite city Orlando, FL. We separated and spent time with our friends for a 3 day trip.

Clint's Crew: Paintball, Bass Fishing, and Halloween Horror Night

The boys lost in paintball to a group of guys who take paintball very seriously, fishing was fun besides the fact they only caught a few despite being there early in the morning, and naturally, horror night took its toll on them.

Angel's Crew: Rage Room, Universal Studios, Halloween Horror Night

Rage room was a hit - literally, we smashed everything but no one told us it would be a workout in there. Universal Studios is always fun but listening to Drew scream for his life on the rides was even better also Rilee got to meet Beetlejuice. Horror Night was the best of all, we went through as many houses as we could, Holden single-handedly fought all the Death Eaters in Diagon Alley, and Lindsey had us go through the Last of Us house which was a great experience for her but we were terrified (it is quite possibly the best house)  

Bringing in October celebrating horror is a tradition of ours that we were fortunate enough to share with our friends


Our honeymoon wasn't like the typical type you would take, but it was perfect for us. :)

Immediately after the wedding we drove down to Jacksonville, FL to catch our flight to Vegas!

In Vegas, we stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and quickly found the casino. We toured the city and rode the skywheel where we could see the sphere. We toured the Mob Museum and tried all the flavors of moonshine. We then went to see Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum and we got to see my childhood favorite Criss Angel live - where he pulled me on stage for a few of his tricks! We then caught the Black Rodeo and met with a few of our friends there!

We drove and stayed at the Grand Canyon where no matter what pictures we took it did not do it justice. We hiked and stargazed for 3 days around the canyon and it was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen!

We flew back to Jacksonville and I lost my car because neither of us wrote down where we parked but I found it because Mama wrote "just married" all over it. We concluded our trip in Panama City Beach where we spent time relaxing and preparing to travel back to TN and start this new journey together.

Willie Jones and Sam Pounds came to perform and  bring the party to South Georgia :)

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